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In the former Border Watchtower, hidden in the Orlickie Mountains, you can really relax.



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House and garden


We have 4 comfortably furnished apartments with bathrooms and kitchenettes at our guests disposal. In addition, there is a playroom for children, library, gameroom, and hearthside Room in the Basements of the Forest Watchtower. The house, in which our Apartments are located, is set in beautiful, forest area of Zieleniec, 50 metre's from a road leading from Zieleniec to Duszniki Zdrój and Lasówka. The house a former Border Watchtower, is very atmospheric and almost a hundred years old. The Forest surrounding provides silence and peacefulness, which provides relaxation away from hustle and bustle. It is a perfect place especially for families with children.

This place is beautiful in every season of the year. You can spend an evening barbecuing or sitting close to the bonfire in the garden. In the winter, it is great accommodation for ski lovers. In addition, there is a Ski room in the house.




A manager and visionary
An innovator. An enthusiast. She is fond of Astrid Lindgren’s books and hitting the road. She cooks (from time to time), but more often she improvises. Initiator of the project Forest Apartments in The Watchtower.


An executive
Originally she is an architect, but by vocation she is a chef. She bakes, stews, blanches. She is the Seeker of New Flavors, culinary non- conformist. She likes needlework and making something out of nothing. She is especially fond of black French bulldogs.



Marcin - A caterer. A father to his children. His motto is: "A weekend not in the mountains is a weekend wasted". He has his dark side: he is fond of disco polo, music, gross jokes and instant soups.

Piotrek - A workhorse. A latent anarchist. He likes contrasts: in the autumn he is a mushroom picker, in the winter - an icefalls seeker. A co-author of a Grunwald Beer which is brewed by us. For him nothing is impossible.

PIOTR - A watcher. A King of Lines, in love with fonts and ideograms. He prefers listening than talking. He is resting while listening to Modern Talking, and he is not afraid of Polish State Railways. We (and not only we), owe to him the graphic work achieved on our website.

TARKI - A practicing physiotherapist with a distinctive rock vocal. Once a restless spirit, now he is exemplary father and husband. He is a beekeeper as was his grandfather. He doesn’t keep off jokes, he hates bungles, and he is never in bad mood.


1930 The building in which the Forest Apartment are located, was built in 1930 with two adjoining houses as a residence of the Troops of Defense of the Borderland. At that time, Zieleniec was named Grunwald. There were German Troops in the Watchtower up to the end of the Second World War.
1945 The building became Polish troops’ property, and it still is used as a residence of the Troops of Defense of the Borderland. Rooms of the building were used as a wheat, food, and uniforms warehouse. There was also an arsenal and arrest for people crossing the border illegally. In the garden there were underground fuel tanks and great radio mast.
2007 After many years of serving as a residence, the military unit was abolished, and the soldiers left the Watchtower.
2012 The Watchtower became a private property, and tedious and exhaustive renovation begun.
2013 The Watchtower opened its door to guests, and the Forest Apartments were created.



Apartment of Spruces (for 10 people)

3 rooms with bathrooms and a dining room with kitchenette
850 zł per day

Apartment of Larches (for 8 people)

2 rooms with bathrooms and a dining room with kitchenette
700 zł per day

Apartment of Pines (for 5 people)

a studio with sleeping places, bathrooms and a dining room with a kitchenette
470 zł per day

Apartment of Maples (for 2-4 people)

a room with bathroom and kitchenette
360 zł per day

The Pigeonhole Room (for 2 people)

a room with bathroom
180 zł per day

The Bright Room (for 4 people)

a room with bathroom
340 zł per day

The Berry Room (for 2-3 people)

a room with bathroom
230 zł per day

Apartment of Spruces (for 10 people)

3 rooms with bathrooms and a dining room with kitchenette
90 zł per day per adult
50 zł per child (3-12 years)

Apartment of Larches (for 8 people)

2 rooms with bathrooms and a dining room with kitchenette
90 zł per day per adult
50 zł per child (3-12 years)

Apartment of Pines (for 5 people)

a studio with sleeping places, bathrooms and a dining room with a kitchenette
90 zł per day per adult
50 zł per child (3-12 years)

Apartment of Maples (for 2-4 people)

a room with bathroom and kitchenette
90 zł per day per adult
50 zł per child (3-12 years)

The Pigeonhole Room (for 2 people)

a room with bathroom
90 zł per day per adult
50 zł per child (3-12 years)

The Bright Room (for 4 people)

a room with bathroom
90 zł per day per adult
50 zł per child (3-12 years)

The Berry Room (for 2-3 people)

a room with bathroom
90 zł per day per adult
50 zł per child (3-12 years)
* Rates for 1-7 days stay.
* Charge for bedding included.
Apartment of Spruces
This big apartment (78 m2) consist of 3 bedrooms with bathrooms, a foyer, and a freestanding dinning room with a TV set and a kitchenette. In the dining room there are 2 tables and chairs, 2 cozy sofas, a bookcase, and a TV set. In the biggest room (for 4 people) there is a double bed and 2 single beds. In the next bedroom there are 2 twin beds. In the smallest one (for 3 people) there is a 1 single bed and 1 twin bed. The windows of the apartment looks out North, South, and East. The apartment is designed for 10-11 people (up to 3 families).
Apartment of Larches
This spacious apartment (68 m2) consist of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a foyer and a dining room with a kitchenette. There is an option to watch the TV in the dinning room. In the main bedroom there is a double bed and 3 single beds. In the smaller bedroom there are 2 twin beds and 2 single beds. The apartment is located on the first floor, and it is perfect for 8 people (2 families).
Apartment of Pines
This Apartment (45 m2) is very cozy, under the pitched roof. There is a big room with a kitchen-diner, 2 bedrooms, and a small foyer. In the main bedroom there is a twin bed. In the other bedrooms there are 3 single beds.
Apartment of Maples
One-room studio (22 m2) with a kitchenette. It is located on the ground floor, in full light, with windows looking out South. It is designed for 2-4 people (2 single beds and one convertible sofa).
The Pigeonhole Room
This room for 2 people, with a bathroom and a double bed, is the smallest (10 m2) of all the rooms in the Apartments. It can be a supplement of the Apartment of Pine, Larch, or Maple, because it is located on the same floor, in the close neighborhood of the above mentioned apartments.
The Bright Room
This room (20 m2) for 4 people, with a bathroom accessible from a hall, is called the Bright one, as it is the only one where there is natural, whitewood pine furniture. There is 1 twin bed and 2 single beds, and located on the ground floor.
The Berry Room
A room for 2-3 people with a bathroom called the Berry one. There is a double bed, and a convertible sofa for one person. It is located to the opposite of the Bright Room.


  • Guests who need extra information about the availability of rooms and prices can contact us at: +48 783 883430 or +48 512 474176
  • If you require an invoice, please, contact us in advance.
  • Please note, if cancelled up to 30 days before date of arrival, no fee will be charged. If cancelled later or in case no-show, 100% of down payment will be charged.
  • In the whole house there is a free Wi-Fi.
  • The hotel day lasts from 5 PM to 11 AM of the next day.
  • Our Guest can pay in cash or by transfer. We do not accept credit cards.
  • For each full day, during the stay, longer than one day, we are taking 3.50 zł of local payment according to the Resolution of the City Council of Duszniki Zdrój. The payment is expected to be paid in cash during the checking in.
  • On request, we provide parents with a travel cot for children, a bathtub, a high chair and a babyphones for free. We do not charge little children (under 4 years old) sleeping with parents or in its own bed for staying.
  • Extra bedding or bedding for children under 3 years old is charged 15 zł once.
  • Charge for domesticated animals - 10 zł/animal/day.
  • Parking (at the house) is free of charge.


The Forest Apartments are a great starting point for people keen on outdoor activities. There are a lot of appealing walks which are interesting, even for children! The Kłodzko Valley is full of attractions and each walk is full of adventures..

1. Mountain Biking

A dense network of tracks and forest trails in the Orlickie and Bystrzyckie Mountains encourages mountain biking. If you are keen on road racing, you will be surprised by the quality of local roads. Steep, snaking mountain roads and flat areas will guarantee that you will find an appropriate route for you.

2. Forest

Go for a walk and see the deer. Go through the mountains and find your own track. Look for blueberries, wild strawberries, and blackberries. Become a mushroom picker. Smell the scent of a forest. Track animals. Breathe freely.

3. The peat-bog "Torfowisko pod Zieleńcem"

This unique preserve is located close to the Forest Apartments. It is almost 8000 years old and it looks like the Siberian conifer forests. It is a haven for deer, black storks, black grouses, capercailles (wood grouse) and lizards. Directions are a legal requirement when visiting the peat bogs.

4. The Valley of the Wild River

The Orlica river begins its course in the slopes of Biesiec, and its springs are located in the peat-bog. By Lasówka the river Orlica joins with the Cerny Potok, changing its name for the Wild Orlica, and it runs along the Polish- Czech border. In the spring you can canoe to traverse the mountain or by rafting. Its beauty can not be forgotten.


Winter in the Orlickie Mountains is long and snowy. Even if you are not keen on skiing, and the word “ski tow” is not familiar to you, it is worth coming here for cross country skiing or walks in the woods.

1. Microclimate

Specific microclimate of Zieleniec is similar to the Alpine one. Thanks to the special atmospheric pressure system, the microclimate forces the body to increase the production of red blood cells, which results in the improvement of self- feeling for people who stay in Zieleniec even a few days. The microclimate and slopes heading north are hospitable for a long ski season. Usually the long weekend in November is the beginning of the winter, whereas the ending of the season can be celebrated altogether with Easter.

2. The Station Zieleniec

The Station Zieleniec. Zieleniec is the biggest ski resort in the Kłodzko Valley, and for a few years it has been among the leaders of ski resorts in Poland. It is located in the Orlickie Mountains. There are 30 ski lifts, plenty of ski schools, rental companies, and restaurants. For people keen on skiing in the night, there are a lot of illuminated slopes. Ski runs in Zieleniec are varied and suitable for all abilities. There is a snowpark for those going ski or snowboard freestyle. There is also a church, cash machine (ATM), GOPR station (Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue), and 2 shops.

3. Cross-country skiing

Thanks to the fact that the Forest Apartments is located close to the border, there is a possibility for our guest to use marked trails connected with a network of well- maintained Czech trails (longer than 200 kilometers). Designated trails designed for classic technique are appropriately wide and are designed for both beginner and experts.


The Watchtower was built almost a hundred years ago, in an area chosen by German architects. They carefully chose this peaceful location, nearby springs and good access. Today we are sharing this place, once unavailable for civilians, with you. :)

1. Bonfire

After a day full of experiences, it is nice to relax in front of a fire, underneath a sky full of stars. Sit close to the fire and feel its warmth, or during a rainy night you can find shelter in the Black Hut, equipped with everything that is needed for sitting around and talking to friends in a comfortable atmosphere.

2. Garden

A generous garden surrounds the Forest Watchtower that will allow you to rest and relax, between trips to surrounding areas. You may nestle in the lounge, play volleyball, rock in the hammock, or just read in the shade of trees. There is also a small playground for children where you can watch them without any worries, as the whole garden is enclosed.

3. Reading room

There is a reading room in the Forest Watchtower’s basement, designed for those who are keen on sitting in a cozy armchair and reading, bathed in the glow of a lamp. If you can’t imagine your holiday without reading and rooms filled with atmosphere, this place is designed for you.

4. Game room

If you like board games and card games, as we do, you will feel welcome here. Cozy seats, proper lighting, and good company are enough to make every night enjoyable.

5. Play room

This room is designed for our little Guests, and for those a little bit bigger as well. You will find here books, teddy bears, dolls cot (crib) , tipper trucks and crayons, amongst other things. It is warm, colorful, and joyful here. And parents don’t worry, as there are cozy rooms next door, designed for them.


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